Parenting Can Be Hard

Playtime shouldn’t have to be

Let’s face it. We all have that little voice in the back of our heads asking if we are doing enough.

As parents, we know that supporting our children during their earliest years – ages 0-3 – is critical for their long-term success. And we want to give them the very best. BUT WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

How do we help our kids reach their potential (and feel like we had a hand in getting them there)?

Playfully was made for parents like us – parents who are short on time, but long on good intentions
It turns out being there for our kids is a lot easier than we think. Playfully makes it even easier with daily ideas to engage with our children in those spare moments between food throwing at the dinner table, chasing after them for bath time, and those sweet bedtime snuggles.

We’ve partnered with early childhood experts to bring you evidence-based and research-backed tips and activities that promote your child’s language, physical, social/emotional and cognitive development.

Simply download the app, enter your child’s birthdate, and Playfully will guide you through the rest, step by step.

As you play, rate the games and mark off milestones as they are achieved to help Playfully tailor content that suits your child’s unique developmental stage. Is your child ready for Olympics-level gymnastics but barely says a word? Or maybe your child talks nonstop but is hesitant to take his or her first step. Each of our children develops in his or her own beautiful way, and Playfully is designed to support you, the parent, as your child charts his or her unique course from one milestone to the next. We at Playfully will do our best to offer the most up-to-date tips and tricks intended to support you and engage your child as you embark on this wild ride together. The tidbits you learn in Playfully are directly applicable to life outside the app, and you will slowly find yourself becoming that parenting ninja warrior you always aspired to be.

Stop spending time researching development, and get straight to what you love – spending time with your favorite new human.